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Led since 2014 by the author and theatre director Rodrigo García, humain TROP humain (hTh) – CDN Montpellier is a prestigious institution devoted to contemporary creation in Languedoc-Rousillon.

In the intersection of various disciplines, the team put together by Rodrigo García is highly and strongly committed to creation socially and ethically.  The project revolve around three main aspects: 1) a permanent collaboration group of Spanish and French creators that participate of the conceptualization and production of performances, workshops, ateliers, festivals, etc. 2) a research lab on performing arts and spectacles directed by Laurent Berger, and 3) a Digital arts laboratory which aims to conform an experimental structure for new technologies, sound and video, directed by Daniel Romero.

Director: Rodrigo García


Daniel Romero

Creator and musician. His career has developed around sound experimentation starting from his deep knowledge based on open source hardware and software.

He’s an expert in multimedia creation with free tools, and in programming languages, such as Pure Data, Processing and free hardware platforms, such as Arduino.

Since 2008 he has worked as sound designer for theatre companies of such standing as Rodrigo García. He has collaborated and currently collaborates with other art groups taking care of the programming, recording and editing of multimedia installations. As a creator and musician he has got a long and outstanding career and his works have been released by Nature Bliss, in Japan, or the record label Other-Electricities, from Portland, United States, in addition to other record companies in France, Germany or Spain.

As an artist and under the pseudonym .tape. / dot tape dot he has carried out audiovisual performances in places, such as Mexico City, Munich, Vienna, London, Copenhagen and Barcelona and he has received many awards and mentions, such as Premio sala4 ABC at ARCO 2011, the International Contemporary Art Fair of Madrid, Spain and Premio VIDA 15.0 Concurso Internacional de Arte y Vida Artificial 2013.

He worked as the Head of the Sound LAB at LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial for the year 2014 and is still responsible for its programming in 2015. He is currently Director of the Département Numerique at humain TROP humain CDN Montepellier, France.




    1. Transforma (Germany)


    1. Alan Warburton (United Kingdom)


29.04.2018 Performance

A Moment of Transition

    1. Enrique Tomás (ES)

13.10.2017 Performance

Vector synthesis

    1. Derek Holzer (USA)

13.10.2017 Workshop

What do machines sing of?

    1. Martin Backes (De)

14.10.2017 Workshop


    1. Derek Holzer (USA)

17.10.2017 Workshop

Qu’est-ce et pourquoi Agency Art

    1. Annie Abrahams (DE)

9-17.1.2017 Performance

A few seconds after darkness

    1. N.U. Collectif (Fr)