1. Transforma ( Germany )

    1. hTh-CDN. December.2016

Socio / Sede

Transforma’s ManuFactory (working title) is a performative installation with a maximum duration of three days.

In an open stage situation, 6 performers or ‘workers’ perform repetitive, choreographed tasks resembling a production line setting. Installed cameras and microphones capture the worker‘s actions.
Screens around the work-space show an edited live stream of the images generated within the production line and a PA-system amplifies the sounds created by the production process, creating vignettes of otherwise imperceptible moments.
The tasks or ‘work’ are based around one central material – soil/earth – and its constituent parts (sand, silt, rock, organic matter, water, and clay). These elements are combined to make bricks which are then re-separated into their original components. Ranging from precise sorting to strenuous physical labour, workers will sift, shovel, burn, mix and dry the various materials in a ‘choreography of process’.
This labour will consist of phasing loops of hand- and body-movements of alternating lengths.

We aim at raising questions about physical labour. From the farmer to the craftsman, from factory worker to fully automated productions processes – Unemployment in Europe – mobile phone factorys in China. The change we are witnessing is not only a political and economical, but also a physical change of our life-reality.


    1. Transforma


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