Guerrilla Spatialization Unit

    1. Ganzfeld ( USA / Germany )

    1. Avatar. 02.2016

Socio / Sede

To be developed during a production residency at Avatar Québec, in February 2016.

Guerrilla Spatialization Unit proposes a performance device conceived specifically for this call.
Following the artistic background of both artists, the work explores the new forms of instrumentation and musical dialogue with the architectural space, matter itself, the surfaces and the objects that inhabit it.

The collective is formed by artists Sukandar Kartadinata, an artist particularly interested in the new forms of musical instruments which are built based on technological interfaces; and Liz Allbee, an electroacoustic composer and performer also interested in the interactivity between instruments and objects as a connecting tool between the space and the performer.
They live and work in Berlin where they actively contribute to the contemporary practices, particularly towards improvisation and sound performance.

Their project is also an opportunity to give recognition to improvisation and sound art performance as a fundamental contribution to interdisciplinary practices of audiovisual creation nowadays, something that the ENCAC network aims to support.

Photo: CR Charles-Frédérick Ouellet. Avatar.


    1. Ganzfeld


    1. Avatar


27.01.2017 Performance

Guerilla Spatialization Unit

    1. Ganzfeld (USA / Germany)

27.05-20.10.2016 Showcase

Demo 01

    1. Myriam Bleau (Canada)
    1. Dmitry Gelfand & Evelina Domnitch (Russia, Belarus)
    1. Tomonaga Tokuyama (Japan)
    1. Alan Warburton (United Kingdom)
    1. Ganzfeld (USA / Germany)

25.02.2016 Performance

Guerilla Spatialization Unit

    1. Ganzfeld (USA / Germany)



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