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The Mapping Festival, dedicated to audiovisual art and digital culture, is now a major event in the fields of the image generation, creation and technological exploration, attracting both professional and mainstream audience.

Considered as a unique platform of production and diffusion in Switzerland, it also enjoys an international reputation thanks to the quality of its programming and diversity, which aims to encourage emerging artists of the field. Working with several venues and open spaces in the city, it alternates audio-visual performances, installations, clubbing, architectural mapping, as well as workshops and conferences. The Mapping Festival is also a meeting point, a creative and collaborative platform with innovative spirit. Over the course of nine editions the Mapping Festival has grown steadily and emerged as one the most important events of its kind in Europe.


Justine Beaujouan / Ana Ascencio

Justine Beaujouan is the project manager and co-curator of the Mapping Festival in Geneva, a yearly international festival dedicated to audiovisual and digital arts.

Since 2007, Justine has been producing several events around electronic music and digital arts, in France and Switzerland.

She also collaborated with “Tutu Production”, a production structure for contemporary performing arts, working with some major Swiss choreographers such as Marco Berrettini, Cindy Van Acker, Massimo Furlan and Nicole Seiler.

In 2012, she launched her own artistic agency, Reversehead, specialized in digital and audiovisual arts, through which she managed the projects of more than 10 artists internationally.

She also collaborated with 1024 architecture, a French collective, which has been creating architectural, visual, light and sound installations in public spaces for over 10 years and for whom she managed projects in Sao Paolo (FILE Festival), Taipei (On Site Festival), Prague (Signal Festival), Eindhoven (Glow Festival), Mexico (Cervantino Festival and MUTEK Festival) among others.


Ana Ascencio started her strong interest in electronic art back in the late 90s while collaborating within Weetamix, an organization with the aim of promoting electronic music and cultures in Switzerland.

She then moved to Montreal, Canada, where she joined the team of Elektra, international digital arts festival, as administrative director and project manager for the International Marketplace for Digital Arts. During those four rich years, one of her main roles within the organization was to develop a network of producers, curators and journalists and to promote Canadian digital artists outside of Canada, which also largely contributed to the growth of Elektra and its international reputation.

Now back in Europe, Ana Ascencio has been curating for the visual arts department of lille3000, a strong French cultural institution active in the field of contemporary art and created after the success of Lille2004, European Capital of Culture. She had the opportunity to curate and produce artworks of artists such as Ross Lovegrove, Electronic Shadow, Thierry Fournier.

In December 2011, Ana Ascencio joined the team of the Mapping Festival in Geneva, Switzerland, for which she’s in charge of the artistic programme and production of the event.





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27.05.2017 Performance

Aeryon @Mapping Festival

    1. Maotik (FR)

4.05.2016 Performance

Stultus @Mapping Festival

    1. Tomonaga Tokuyama (JP)
    1. Wladimir Schall (FR)