Soft Probe – the Edges of SDR

    1. Matthew Biederman & Marko Peljhan ( Canada, Slovenia )

    1. Le Lieu Unique. May.2017

Socio / Sede

Le Lieu Unique will host Matthew Biederman and Marko Peljhan for their project, Soft Probe – the Edges of SDR (software-defined radio).

The artists propose to research and create a tactical environment using software-defined radios for insight into contemporary telecommunication paradigms.

The jury is convinced that the artists’ political stance and artistic experience will produce an impact on research which underlines the fragility of contemporary telecommunication infrastructures.

Biederman and Paljhan’s use of open source equipment and software, their focus on our current loss of privacy and their keen understanding of the shifts brought about by SDR technology will ensure that Soft Probe comes out as a live and autonomous electromagnetic spectrum that charts today’s machines, raising awareness of what we emit without knowing it.


    1. Matthew Biederman & Marko Peljhan


    1. Le Lieu Unique


7-11.09.2017 Installation

The Soft Probe @ARS Electronica

    1. Matthew Biederman & Marko Peljhan (Canada, Slovenia)