1. Christian Skjødt ( Denmark )

    1. Avatar. February.2017

Socio / Sede

As part of this second competition, ENCAC’s Curatorial Commitee wishes to acknowledge the rigour, consistency and coherence of the work of Danish artist and composer, Christian Skjødt.

Among current trends within sound art is a growing interest in artistic strategies that reveal generally imperceptible phenomena, for the purpose of expressing a material reality that is infinitely more complex than it appears.

Along these lines, Skjødt’s installations evoke a fascination for the ways in which they make variations in the intensity of light or the vibration of matter audible.

In his new creation, ÆTER, which Skjødt will produce during his residency at Avatar, the artist is inspired by the life and inventions of Leon Theremin.

The aim of his residency is to carry out in-depth research into the detection and monitoring of electromagnetic waves.


    1. Christian Skjødt


    1. Avatar


16-25.02.2018 Installation

Christian Skjødt in Mois Multi

    1. Christian Skjødt (Denmark)

7-11.09.2017 Installation

ÆTER @ARS Electronica

    1. Christian Skjødt (Denmark)