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Christian Skjødt in Mois Multi

    1. Christian Skjødt ( Denmark )

    1. Avatar. 16-25.02.2018

Socio / Sede


Avatar was pleased to be associated, for the nineteenth year in a row, with the Mois Multi festival which was held from February 2 to 25, 2018 in Quebec City.

This year, the Sound and Electronic Art Center invited the audience to discover the work of the Danish artist Christian Skjødt in two distinct venues.

Presented in collaboration with Mois Multi, the Æter installation of Skjødt opened to the public from February 16th to 25th at the Studio d’Essai de Méduse. Avatar also exhibited at the same time his work Inclinations, a second installation of the artist and composer on the Avatar Studio at the 5th floor of Medusa, from February 16 to 25, again as part of the Mois Multi Festival.

Last year, Christian Skjødt was hosted in residence at Avatar for the creation of the Æter project, within the framework of the ENCAC partnership (European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation), and in close collaboration with LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial.


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