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Fall @ L.E.V. Festival

    1. Robert Henke ( Germany )

    1. L.E.V. Festival. 28.04.2016-01.05.2016

Socio / Sede

Restless artist Robert Henke presents his new project: a spectacular, touching audiovisual installation paying tribute to a small German village called Fall, which now lies below the waters of a reservoir. This installation, hosted by the Centro de Arte LABoral, is included in the activities of the European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation (ENCAC) to coincide with L.E.V.’s tenth anniversary.


In the 1950s the village of Fall in the south of Bavaria slowly disappeared under the rising waters of the newly built Sylvenstein water reservoir.
The installation puts the visitor below the water surface and turns them up side down.
Ruins and buildings emerge above their heads, illuminated by the unstable and flickering light of two lasers. They project lines, geometric shapes, moving organic objects and occasionally numbers on a floating array of transparent sheets of fabric, evoking associations of scattered light reflections on the lake, but also figures from architectural plans.
The sonic counterpart adds transformed water sounds, church bells frozen in time, bavarian folk music turned into distant granular clouds and technical signals.
The imaginary village of Fall down below the lake is still alive, right in front of the vast open wilderness of the mountains.


    1. Robert Henke


    1. L.E.V. Festival



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