Murcof & Jimmy Lakatos

Mexico / Canada


Built upon an intricate manipulation of acoustic sources that incorporate modern classical, ambient and minimal techno influences, Murcof’s evocative sound layers mournful melodies and intricate micro rhythms in a soundtrack for elation and melancholy, transporting the listener through lush and fragile territories. Now relocated to Girona, Corona started out in his native Tijuana, Mexico as an original member of Baja California’s Nortec Collective under the name Terrestre. With a dozen full lengths and many EPs to his credit, Murcof has shifted his classical sampling into full scale collaborations with French jazz trumpeter Erik Truffaz and more recently, neo-classical artists such as pianist Vanessa Wagner. His imagistic and moving music also has a knack for inviting visual collaboration, including several soundtracks, a long running audiovisual project with AntiVJ that employed multiple transparent screens, and his recent collaboration Nebula, which pairs him with Montrealer Jimmy Lakatos’ laser formulations.

Jimmy Lakatos started out in Montréal working with video in public spaces and early raves, and has developed a reputation for impressive analog light shows and minimalist video projections. He has worked professionally for Cirque du Soleil and has been a long-time video-scenographer for MUTEK. Both artists are known for their passion to create work that intimately links and locks the audio and the visual — not just as a third element, but as its own discrete entity and experience.


26-29.04.2018 Installation


    1. Murcof & Jimmy Lakatos (Mexico / Canada)