Festival - Installation


    1. Murcof & Jimmy Lakatos ( Mexico / Canada )

    1. L.E.V. Festival. 26-29.04.2018

Socio / Sede

The evocative, stratified sounds created by Mexican artist Murcof, full of sad melodies and intricate microrhythms, are perfect to foster collaborations with visual artists. After bringing to Gijón his successful collaboration with Antivj, Murcof comes back to L.E.V. to present Nebula, his new project with Jimmy Lakatos (Artificiel).

Nebula is a sublime, immersive installation which builds up visual universes in real time through a RGB laser, created by Lakatos and synchronized with the music. A semicircular screen diffuses the light received, to create voluminous shapes that float and gyrate in space. Murcof‘s new musical compositions combine with Lakatos’ extra dimensional, elegant astronomies.

L.E.V. will host the worldwide premiere, in an installation format, of Nébula, after a process of artistic residence in Montreal, Girona and Gijón. The live audiovisual version of this project was premiered in the last edition of Mutek Montreal.


    1. Murcof & Jimmy Lakatos


    1. L.E.V. Festival