1. Markus Heckman ( Germany )

    1. LABoral.
      1. L.E.V. Festival. 25-26.04.2017

    Socio / Sede

    TouchDesigner is a real-time development platform to create live music visuals, interactive media systems, mapping, architectural projections and much more. This workshop is intended to get participants an idea of core concepts and techniques required when diving into the visual programming environment with a focus on audio-visual installations and device control. 

    Venue: plat0_LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial

    Participants: 15

    Intended to: students, artists, or anybody with an interest in the software, with an beginner level

     It is aimed at beginner level students, artists or anybody with an interest in TouchDesigner

     Most of the lessons will be hands on while others will have a show and tell character. 

     No prior knowledge is required but some previous exposure to TouchDesigner is helpful.

    We will try get as many questions answered as possible – so if you like to bring a device you want to connect to TouchDesigner, please do so.

     Day 1: April 25th / 10 to 14:00h.

    • An overview of the interface, operator families and procedural workflow in TouchDesigner
    • Making noise
    • Audio reactive particles, rendering and compositing

    Day 2: April 26th / 10 to 14:00h.

    • Tools for projection mapping in TouchDesigner
    • 3D Instancing, Kinect and point clouds
    • DMX control

     Day 3: April 27 / 10 to 11:00

    Practical case study: Maotik


      1. Markus Heckman


      1. LABoral
      1. L.E.V. Festival