Permafrost @LABoral

    1. Adam Basanta & Gil Delindro ( Canada, Portugal )

    1. LABoral. 15 and 28.06.2017

Socio / Sede

This piece is set in between the borders of live performance, installation, sculpture and musical instrument, but will always be an ephemeral presentation.

Permafrost is ground, including rock or (cryotic) soil, at or below the freezing point of water.

In this project, freezing is a conceptual method for “holding” matter in time. Different time holders are fragmented and displaced in space – time is the core guide of the work. Fragmentation and detritus continuously fall in to a platform structure with transducers and sensors. This acts as a receptive field connected to a software that will interprete impact, time, weight and displacement of the detritus. As the piece evolves the matter accumulates generating not only a sculptural disposition, but unpredictable reactions in the software and an ongoing percussive composition.

Permafrost purposes a mesh landscape of organisms that keep playing with time and suggestion, an unstable geography that departs from the observation of the Natural landscape, in to the realms of real time data and organic manipulation. Notions of movement, instability, memory, decay, chance and contamination.

Artists purpose an instrument that cannot be fixed in either space or time, but only manipulated through the course of its existence, the duration of the piece will depend on the fragmentation process.

Gil Delindro will focus on the experimentation and observation of the different pieces of frozen soil that will be created using different kinds of ground detritus. Forming a new diverse ephemeral landscape. Adam Basanta will focus on creating unique software that will carefully analyze the unfolding of the piece, generating sound waves that will be shaped through different data such as weight, disposition and timing of the falls.


    1. Permafrost


    1. Adam Basanta & Gil Delindro


    1. LABoral