Introduction on manufacturing and design of interactive tools

    1. LABoral. 1-3.06.2016

Socio / Sede

This workshop is an introduction to the basics of generating interfaces and interactive instruments.


– Interaction between Pure Data and Arduino, Max/MSP and Arduino and Max/MSP and Kinect.

– Interfaces MIDI (interaction with Pure Data and Max/MSP).

– Manufacturing virtual musical instruments (Pure Data, Max/MSP, Arduino, Kinect, Interfaces MIDI).

– Design of interactive musical instruments with Touch boards and Bare conductive.

– Interaction with music production software(Ableton Live, Logic).

– Manufacturing of interactive musical instruments with Arduino

– Programming and building circuits.

Addressed to: musicians, Djs, designers, programmers and anyone interested in building their own interactive musical instruments. Participants must have some previous knowledge on Puredata or Max/MSP and Arduino (see introduction workshop to MAX/MSP, Pure Data and Arduino)


    1. LABoral