Artists and developers encounters - Workshop

AV Jukebox Workshop

    1. Gangpol & Mit ( France )

    1. LABoral. 29.9.2017

Socio / Sede

Using simple drawings and cut paper techniques, workshop participants will conceive a small animation sequence based on the topic “button”.

During the workshop, participants will also learn to design and record a soundtrack for the animations. Each animation will then be integrated into an audiovisual jukebox installation built by the artists for the occasion of this workshop. The resulting installation will take the form of a multimedia instrument that will be exhibited during the whole duration of the SummerLab event. In line with the work carried out by Gangpol & Mit for more than 15 years, this workshop aims to playfully explore the interactions between sound and visual. While dealing with the notions of flash narration, offset and redundancy, hi and low tech, well or badly done, the workshop also offers an introduction to some of the tools and techniques used to create interactive installations.

Addressed to: Teenagers, between 12 and 17 years old. The workshops is opened to any kind of audience, from beginners to advanced.


    1. Gangpol & Mit


    1. LABoral