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The Onassis Cultural Centre – Athens was inaugurated in December 2010, as a new cultural site accessible to all. Its mission is the promotion of modern cultural expression, the support of new Greek artists, the cultivation of international collaborations, the education and lifelong learning, as well as the co-existence and interaction of sciences, innovation and arts. For the implementation of the Centres architectural study, 66 candidatures from all over the world were evaluated, to finally decide on the proposal of the French architectural firm Architecture Studio.

The Onassis Cultural Center buildings construction began in 2000, with the exclusive funding and supervision of the Onassis Foundation. The result is an excellent sample of contemporary architecture, with the simplicity of the buildings volume and plainness of form offering a powerfully monumental character. The architectural redesign of both amphitheatres was assigned to Architect Mark Foley. Their specialized theatre lighting was assigned to James Morse while the redesign of the architectural lighting throughout the building was assigned to Eleftheria Deko & Associates. Τhe ground level bar area was designed as an overall work of art by the artist Aemilia Papaphilippou.